It’s time to question the teaching credentials of science deniers

There are lots of things in the education realm that have made parents question the status quo for a long time. It’s why homeschooling continues to grow by leaps and bounds. But now the centers for education are not even trying to hide the indoctrination. When the very institutions that purport to teach science openly declare that there is no difference between male and female, have they not lost their credibility? How much longer will parents continue to ignore the truth that education is not neutral?

It may seem like a small thing. Transgender athletes and gender neutral bathrooms anger a few parents and result in a few heated school board meetings. And there are always a few more moms and dads who have reached their limit and finally withdraw their children from the school.

But how long are we going to pretend that the same schools that bow to the gods of diversity and inclusion are capable of adequately teaching science? How can a biology teacher and a transgender bathroom exist in the same school? When do they lose their credentials to teach science?

For many Christians, the problem goes back to the creation vs. evolution debate. Denying that the God they worship exists and calling creation a myth were enough to convince many parents to exit the public school system, and rightly so.

But even if you are not a Christian, even if you don’t believe in the biblical account of creation, can you deny the basic biology of male and female? Because if you can’t, why should you allow your kids to be educated in a system that denies this very basic scientific fact?

“Our priority is to make all children feel comfortable at school,” the Department of Education said in a statement. “Dispelling myths, breaking down stereotypes and linking students to resources can help prevent bullying, self-harm, feelings of hopelessness, and serious considerations of suicide.”

Read that again. Dispelling myths. You know, the myth of male and female.

“Advocates say teachers must create a safe, supportive, and inclusive classroom for transgender and gender-nonconforming students, whose gender identity or expression does not conform to the traditional expectations of the gender they were assigned at birth. And that means teachers need specialized training.”(EdWeek)

Look for the words “diversity” and “inclusion.” Beware of programs that claim to be against bullying. While all of these terms address some actual needs of students, they ALWAYS include sexual choices:

The education community faces growing challenges related to diversity, such as the academic achievement gaps between students of diverse backgrounds; racial segregation and resegregation in our schools; gender inequalities and sex discrimination; bullying and harassment of students who identify as gay, lesbian, bisexual or transgender… (National Education Association, Diversity Toolkit)

This problem is not that boys get to compete as girls at cross-country meets. This is not even limited to gender-neutral bathrooms and locker rooms. This is direct education about how being transgender is normal and acceptable. This is teaching children to deny the actual physical biology of male and female. This is anti-science.

Every parent should be questioning the validity of a school that teaches against basic human biology. It’s literally the insane running the asylum. The science deniers are now running the show.

Taxpayers should be outraged. Voters should be ousting the entire school board at these schools.

And college? It’s even worse there, and parents are actually paying money for this kind of bizarre indoctrination:

But hey, don’t take it from me. Get your list of the 50 Best LGBTQ Schools right here.

Can I ask again? At what point will we question the validity of an education received from schools that have proudly denied basic human biology? When??

It's time to question the teaching credentials of science deniers


Nicki Truesdell

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