The Dragon and the Raven Study Guide


The Dragon and The Raven Study Guide

It’s 870 A.D. Vikings have invaded the English countryside, and although the English try to repulse these attacks, they are overrun by the savagery and sheer numbers of the Danish forces.


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This exciting tale by G.A. Henty tells the story of the fictiThe Dragon and the Raven study guide G. A. Hentyonal hero Edmund as he serves the historic King Alfred. As the story opens we find the Saxon people deep in conflict with the Vikings, desperate to save their homes and families from senseless destruction. As Edmund witnesses the battles between Saxon and Viking, he observes their fighting styles, and eventually  puts that knowledge into use and created a uniquely trained group of soldiers. With Alfred’s blessing, Edmund commisions a new ship called the Dragon. Manning this ship with his special forces, Edmund joins the battle for freedom from Danish oppression. His adventures take him all throughout Europe and lead to glory, wealth, and eventually love.

Witness up close Viking battles, exciting adventures on the sea, capture by the enemy, and the siege of Paris alongside Edmund as he serves his country.

Learn about Alfred and why he is remembered as “the Great,” discover the lifestyles and customs of Saxons and Vikings, explore geography and vocabulary related to the story, and do hands-on activities to make learning come alive


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