The Declaration of Independence Mini Unit Study


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The Declaration of Independence is a famous document, but without historic context, it doesn’t often make sense to us in the 21st century. Every single word of the Declaration has meaning, and reflects the events and feelings taking place in the American colonies in 1776. Why, after 150 years of peaceful colonization, did the Colonists decide to rebel against the King of England? What did the British do that angered them so much? What’s with the long list of offenses committed by the King?  In this study guide, I’ll take each section a little at a time and try to give a bit of background, and bring this daring, treasonous document to life.

It is suitable for a wide range of ages, whether you are studying American History or just want to read through it with your family on the 4th of July.

Included is the complete text of the Declaration, with explanations of each section, and a list of optional recommended books to read and videos to watch.

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Declaration of Independence



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