Anyone Can Homeschool


This is the book that challenges the objections to home education for every family: single parents, working parents, children with special needs, chronic illness in the family, low income, and more.

When I say that Anyone Can Homeschool, I stand by my assertion. I have homeschooled through single motherhood, working in and outside the home, low income, chronic illness, and more. And it isn’t just me. Other parents do the same thing every day, in lots of different ways. I’ve shared my stories and theirs in this book to help you see all the possibilities.

Part One of Anyone Can Homeschool is designed to help you think outside the public school classroom and see the freedom and flexibility in home education. It includes stories of my family and others in various life circumstances and how we made it work.

Part Two is all about how to get started, including legal information, curriculum, schedules, and even the hard days.

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Reviews for Anyone Can Homeschool:


“First, let me say that this book belongs in the hands of every parent who has considered homeschooling for even a second. If your curiosity was peaked, but you thought “it’s not for me” because you work full time, you don’t have another adult in the home, or you just feel that you lack what it takes – you will find what you need in Anyone Can Homeschool.

What Nicki gets right is that she gives a lot of practical advice (and lots and lots of examples from other homeschoolers who worked around obstacles), but she also builds this advice on top of a solid foundation. If you are just starting to think about this, you are probably thinking about curriculum and schedules and how to not get “behind.” You will get the answers you need in this book, but you will also get something much more essential and valuable for successful homeschooling.

The key to homeschooling is not finding the materials or discovering the perfect formula for integrating your full-time job. What will make you a success as a homeschooler is discovering your unique place as a parent or grandparent in your child’s life and how that enables you to give the very best education possible. THIS is the most valuable part of the book – Nicki has me saying, “Amen” on page after page.

But don’t worry – there is plenty of “meat” about schedules, meal planning, teaching on a budget, special needs, and finding support. I know that is the reason you will buy this book – and then you will read it and walk away more empowered and confident than you believed you could be about teaching your own kids.”


“As a single mom who only achieved getting a GED, this was a great encourager. I found practical tips on how to homeschool my kids. Reading other people’s struggles and how they overcame them helps me see that I’m not alone. I don’t have to fit into someone else ‘box’ to educate my kids. Easy read with very practical and encouraging advice. So glad to have this as I start this school year.” (Darlene)

“I am a veteran homeschooler – entering our 17th year – and oh how I wish I had this book way back at the beginning of it all! It covers every area of concern that I can think of with helpful insights and stories from other homeschoolers. I think every parent with kids still at home should read this book. Nicki Truesdell lays it all out so it is clear to see that Anyone Can Homeschool.” (Stacey)

“This is an incredible book, and desperately needed in today’s world of failing public school systems. So many are worried about educating their children “correctly,” and the author does a great job of laying out the practical ways to implement a successful education at home. As she states, “Parents are a capable and determined bunch, and with the tools available to us in the 21st century, there is no need to fear the education world.” This book is full of tips, practical tools, and expert advice on every aspect of homeschooling to ensure a meaningful and impactful experience at home with your children. Both new homeschoolers – and seasoned homeschoolers – will greatly benefit from this book – I highly recommend!” (brabler)

“Nicki has written a book that is invaluable to parents! If you have wondered if you can homeschool, if you have been homeschooling and have doubts about what you are doing, you need to pick up this book! After homeschooling for 8 years, I loved the reassuring nature of this book. I literally felt like I was sitting down for a cup of coffee with a friend as we talked about our journies. Don’t let your doubt stop you from doing something that will be the greatest thing you have every done!” (A Hopkins)

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