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Lesson 40: India and Hinduism

We watched a short video on YouTube featuring famous locations in India, but I really wanted to focus on Hinduism, the New Age, and how both are creeping into the church via Progressive Christianity. I don’t feel that kids need to wait until they grow up to learn this. With the prevalence of social media, our kids need to be equipped before the world (or even the progressive church) entices them. If you don’t think this is a big deal, read Alissa Childer’s book, Another Gospel.

Here are the resources I read aloud to all of my students, ages 10-15:

Lesson 41: The Olympic Games

We read the MOH lesson together, and talked about how the Olympic Games got postponed in 2020 because of Covid (ancient history meets current events).

Drive Thru History Ancients Greece 1-3 was a perfect addition to this lesson.

Brit+Co has lots of just fun ideas for an “olympics party” here. We planned to do the ice cream cone/Cheerios but couldn’t find the ice cream cones at our little local store on short notice. I did have a bunch of those Dollar Store Olympic Medals, so I handed them out for fun.

Lesson 42: Jonah and Amos

I’m loving this tour of the Old Testament with the kids. Each time we get back to a lesson from the Bible, I go over the chonology of scripture, have them look at (or say from memory) the Books of the Bible, and then I tell them where *this* particular lesson fits in. That’s why I love the timeline activities in each lesson.

We read the MOH lesson and also the books of Jonah and Amos, and then added Jereboahm II, Johah and Amos to the Kings and Prophets of Israel chart.

I’m loving the Old Testament study in this course!

To finish up, we added these events to our timelines, did the mapwork in the Companion Guide, my 9 & 12 year olds added the corresponding sections to their labpooks (folder books), and everyone did the Week 13 review quiz.

Be sure to check out all the great book suggestions and activity ideas in the Mystery of History Companion Guide! Follow the entire course with us at the main Mystery of History Volume 1 page here.

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