Mystery of History Week 13: Lessons 37-39: Elisha, Joel and Obadiah, and Homer

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Mystery of History Volume 1

Lesson 37: Elisha (Israel’s Prophet)

After reading about Elijah (The Fiery Prophet), the story of Elisha is a natural follow-up. We read the MOH lesson, and added Elisha, Jehoahaz, and Joash to our Kings and Prophets of Israel chart.

Lesson 38: Joel and Obadiah

We read the MOH lesson as well as the books of Joel and Obadiah in the Bible aloud together. Like I keep saying, hearing and seeing the words of the prophets is so meaningful for this study! I don’t know how anyone could ever say, “But God would never…” when they read the Old Testament and how God deals with sin and idolatry.

We then added lines 3-8 to the Kings and Prophets of Judah chart from the companion guide.

Lesson 39: Homer

About the same time that Joel was prophesying to Judah during the terrible locuast plague, a man named Homer was living in the area we now know as Greece.” I love the side-by-side timelines of ancient history and the Bible. We read The Children’s Homer earlier in this study, so it was just briefly discussed today. after reading the MOH lesson.

My favorite activity in the Companion Guide for this lesson was on the validity of the New Testament, and the chart called Authenticity of the Bible.

To finish up, we added these events to our timelines, did the mapwork in the Companion Guide, my 9 & 12 year olds added the corresponding sections to their labpooks (folder books), and everyone did the Week 13 review quiz.

Be sure to check out all the great book suggestions and activity ideas in the Mystery of History Companion Guide! Follow the entire course with us at the main Mystery of History Volume 1 page here.

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