Mystery of History Volume 1: Week 2: The Flood of Noah, The Great Ice Age, Dinosaurs

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Lesson 4: Noah and the Flood

Day 1: we read the MOH lesson, Genesis chapters 6-9, young kids did coloring pages and information pages, older kids took notes on notebooking pages, everyone added the flood to their timeline. Younger kids did Genesis 7:67 for copywork. Older kids did Institute for Excellence in Writing Lesson 1 Challenge writing assignment on the Flood (Ancient History Writing Lessons, 2014 edition).

We have a subscription to Answers Tv (which I highly recommend!) so we watched the Flood Geology series. Each video is 2-4 minutes long. They are animations of what the flood might have looked like. My kids all enjoyed it. If you visit Answers.TV you’ll see that they have lots of great videos on Noah and the Great Flood.

We have not yet visited the Ark Encounter in Kentucky, so we watched an intro video about it on the Answers in Genesis YouTube channel:

Our discussion really focused on the enormous size of the Ark, and how it’s not the “bathtub toy” portrayed in most art today.

Draw and Write Through History has a drawing lesson on the Ark.

Lesson 5: The Great Ice Age

My 9 and 12-year-olds read this book. You can order it from Master Books and Answers in Genesis. It’s a fictional story of a young boy who lives through the Ice Age after the Great Flood. My kids said it was very interesting.

For the lesson, I read the MOH portion aloud and took notes on the definitions. The younger kids filled out the information page. The youngest kids drew a Wooly Mammoth from Draw and Write Through History. We rounded out the lesson with this video: The Mammoth and the Ice Age on

If you have The Answers Book, chapter 16 is a good read on the Ice Age for teens.

Lesson 6: Dinosaurs

Dinosaurs are so fun to study, and you could really spend a lot of time on this one lesson if you wanted to. My kids are older and not obsessed with dinosaurs anymore. (Boy did we have those years, though!)

The important thing is to help them understand that dinosaurs did once exist with humans, and they were on the ark, and to understand what eventually happened to them. There are so many great children’s books and videos on this! Check out the resources from Institute for Creation Research as well as Answers in Genesis.

Two books that we love are:

Draw and Write Through History has a drawing lesson on dinosaurs, and of course there are many books out there devoted to drawing dinosaurs!

I found this dinosaur word search online and printed it for my 9-12 year olds.

On Answers.TV we watched this video: Dragons, Dinosaurs, and the Bible. There’s a cute one for kids, too, called Dinosaurs, Genesis, and the Bible.

To round out these three lessons, we did the quiz in the companion guide and I also went over the Challenge Cards with all of the kids.

Be sure to check out the reading lists and extension activities in the Mysery of History Volume 1 Companion Guide!

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