Mystery of History Volume 1: Moses and the Exodus, The Ark of the Covenant and the Tabernacle, and Joshua, Jericho, and Rahab

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Mystery of History Volume 1 Week 7 Moses and the Exodus, The Ark of the Covenant and te Tabernacle, and Joshua, Jericho, and Rahab

This week, my teens and tweens are doing the writing lesson from Institute for Excellence in Writing — lesson 8 “Croc and Croak” on writing a narrative story (this one takes place in Ancient Egypt).

We are also listening to The Cat of Bubastes: A Tale of Ancient Egypt by G. A. Henty on Audible.

This set of lessons all take place in the Bible, from Exodus through Deuteronomy. You could read all of these books (which is highly recommended) or read some of the story from the Bible.

Lesson 19: Moses and the Exodus

I always have to teach through my tears when I tell my kids about the original Passover, the blood of the Lamb, and the preview of Jesus and His sacrifice on the cross. This time was no exception.

We read the lesson in MOH Volume 1 and portions of Exodus while the kids listed the 10 plagues in their notebooks. We didn’t watch The Prince of Egypt because the kids had seen it enough times, but I reminded them to place that movie on their mental timeline. It’s a good movie to watch right now.

Passover seder is often recreated by area churches at Passover, just before Easter. If you have attended one with your children, remind them of it. Or, have your own!

Lesson 20: The Ark of the Covenant and the Tabernacle

Your kids might enjoy this virtual tour of the Tabernacle:

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We talked about the symbolism of each part of the tabernacle and how we would read about these things in future Bible passages.

All of the suggestions in the Companion Guide for this lesson are perfect! Also, look into these ideas:

Lesson 21: Joshua, Jericho, and Rahab

We read the lesson from MOH Volume 1 and parts of the book of Joshua.

Since my kids had seen all the Veggie Tales videos when they were younger, I reminded them of “Josh and the Big Wall.” You can watch that one if your kids aren’t familiar.

Another video my kids like is Jericho: The Promise Fufilled. It’s all done in Lego stop-action. After watching this, your kids may want to recreate it in Legos themselves!

I always like to point out the appearances of Jesus in the Old Testament. Joshua 5:13-15 is one of those, when the Commander of the Army of the Lord comes to Joshua.

Again, I think it is so important to dive into the actual scriptures for these lessons that take place in the Bible. Do this, and then look at the big Adams Syncronological Chart of History to compare other world events at that time.

We finished up this portion of our study by watching part of Drive Thru History: Holy Land, Volume 1 Episode 1: The Patriarchs, Beersheba, and Lachish (purchased this episode on Amazon).

To finish up, we added these events to our timelines, did the mapwork in the Companion Guide, my 9 & 12 year olds added the corresponding sections to their labpooks (folder books), and everyone did the Week 7 crossword puzzle.

Be sure to check out all the great book suggestions and activity ideas in the Mystery of History Companion Guide! Follow the entire course with us at the main Mystery of History Volume 1 page here.

Do you have some fun ideas for these lessons? Comment below!


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