Education: Does God have an opinion?
Education: Does God Have an Opinion? by Israel Wayne is possibly the best book I’ve read […]
How many times have I heard moms say, “We don’t do too many arts and crafts […]
Win a Go Fish U.S. Presidents game from the Classical Historian
When I find an awesome homeschool resource, I want everyone to know about it. And if […]
College Without the Campus. Does that sound interesting to you? It certainly did to me. There […]
This post contains affiliate links. My website is my job, and helps to support our family. […]
I think one of my favorite parts of this website is the opportunities I have to use […]
Every time I hear people say what’s best for this country, I always wonder about the […]
Would you like to recreate the recipes in the Little House Books? Would you like to try recipes from Laura Ingalls' actual recipe book? Click here to see how!
Fans of Little House on the Prairie (you know, the die-hard ones?) can’t get enough Laura […]
The christianity of George Washington is a great subject of debate, but it’s no secret that […]
What’s the scariest thing about homeschooling? If you’re like many, many moms, the thought of teaching […]