Working and homeschooling
Working and Homeschooling Many parents are facing a choice right now: do I keep my job, […]
My favorite podcasts as a Christian woman, mom, and homeschooler
I used to listen to talk radio in the car and at home, back before internet […]
the most wonderful time of the year
The most wonderful time of the year — all year Every time I see a great […]
Children love to be outdoors, and they need to be outdoors. There are so many benefits […]
How radical are you willing to be as a parent?
Dear Parents, We are living in a world that we probably did not dream of a […]
  In any size family, life can get overwhelming fast. As a homeschool mom, getting it […]
biblical worldview
Never before in my life have I seen such a strong need for instilling a biblical […]
Every day my to-do list is long and detailed. I’m raising five children.  I’m still homeschooling […]
A few years ago, when my oldest graduated from high school, I asked some of my […]
There’s a strange dichotomy of opinion when it comes to sheltering. We are told incessantly throughout […]