The power of story during hard times
The Power of Story During Hard Times I am a big believer in teaching history through […]
Unless you’ve been hiding under a rock, you are probably aware that a great majority of […]
“After the (Great) war, Tolkien and Lewis made their way to Oxford University, where they took […]
How to Weave History and Traditions into Thanksgiving for Families
How to Weave History into Thanksgiving Traditions for Families I am really excited to be sharing about Thanksgiving […]
World War 1 Study with Mystery of History and Story of the World
World War 1 often gets a cold shoulder in U.S. history lessons. It’s understandably overshadowed by […]
The Twisted History of Christopher Columbus
When I refer to the twisted history of Christopher Columbus, I’m not referring to the man […]
19th century world history outline using story of the world and mystery of history
Welcome to my outline of 19th century world history with Story of the World and Mystery […]
The ongoing frenzy to pull down every monument that represents an unpopular (or more correctly: misunderstood) person […]
A complete study guide for the G. A. Henty novel about William the Conqueror and the Norman invasion of England in 1066
Who doesn’t love reading about medieval times? And what better way to immerse yourself in a […]
We often look back fondly on our Pilgrim fathers as the starting point of America’s founding […]