This New Year’s Eve, I suspect many will be truly celebrating the end of 2020 like […]
Have you been encouraged to jump on the self-care bandwagon with the phrase, “You can’t pour […]
Do the next thing Elisabeth Elliot
Do the Next Thing Early in my marriage and parenting years, I listened to a lot […]
The issue of slavery in America has always been an uncomfortable topic. Even 150 years removed […]
biblical worldview
Never before in my life have I seen such a strong need for instilling a biblical […]
This feel-good advice is actually opposite what the scriptures teach...
No doubt you’ve received the advice to follow your heart from very well-intentioned friends when you […]
Christians and marijuana
I am saddened and perplexed every time I read a social media post by conservative Christians […]
  The sovereignty and goodness of GOD, together with the faithfulness of his promises displayed, being […]
  Another election year is upon us. Surely in your town, your group of friends, your […]
Oh, what peace we often forfeit Oh, what needless pain we bear All because we do […]