Hopefully by now you’ve seen the Harvard Magazine article “The Risks of Homeschooling” circulating, complete with […]
The power of story during hard times
The Power of Story During Hard Times I am a big believer in teaching history through […]
Christian education: science
In my first post in this series on Christian Education, I shared what it looks like […]
Book review bucking the system
Marisa Boonstra, homeschool mom, blogger, and writer, has written the perfect book for those Christian parents […]
Chritian education
Christian Education Christian education involves more than the transfer of information or knowledge to children.  It […]
My favorite podcasts as a Christian woman, mom, and homeschooler
I used to listen to talk radio in the car and at home, back before internet […]
the most wonderful time of the year
The most wonderful time of the year — all year Every time I see a great […]
The Hallmark Channel is not our mission field
Hallmark Channel is Not Our Mission Field I’m pretty disappointed in the Hallmark Channel’s decision to […]
Tha answer to the school bullying problem
This topic has been heavy on my heart for several months. I regularly get phone calls […]
homeschooling in Texas
Teaching Your Children the Catechism “Christian children mainly need to be taught the doctrines, precepts, and […]