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This is kinda my thing. It’s what I do, talk about, and write about. With 20 years of experience, I have a lot to share!

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Homeschooling isn’t in the Bible I’m honored to join the Ministry Team of Expository Parenting as a monthly contributor! Josh Niemi, author of the book by the same name, has invited me to share on Christian parenting and home education. I’m starting off this month with […]
it doesn't take twelve years to educate a child
Stay with me here, while I beg you to re-think the education system that has been the norm in America for 100 years. Ahhh, 100 years? Only that long? Yes. So what happened before that? I’m glad you asked. The K-12 system, preceeded quite often by […]
Week 16: Lesson 46-48: Hosea (Israel’s Prophet), Hezekiah and Sennacherib, and Ancient Native Americans See my main page for this course and the explanations of resources used. This post may contain affiliate links. Lesson 46: Hosea (Israel’s Prophet) The book of Hosea is a beatufil and sad one. After […]

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I believe in God’s perfect design, the powerful influence of mothers, the sanctity of the home, and the superiority of home educatio n.

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What you need to know about homeschooling in Texas 

Texas is one of the best states for homeschool freedom!

homeschooling in Texas
Homeschooling in Texas